Toledo Automotive Welding


Toledo Automotive Welding and fabrication services. We weld aluminum rims. We repair anything metal or aluminum. From Hot Water Tanks to Animal Cages. Can’t afford a new muffler or exhaust system? Why not bring it to us and see if welding solves your problem. Call us first. We can weld anything that’s aluminum or steel.

Automotive welding includes car frames, chassis, exhaust pipes, manifolds, muffler pipes, tail pipes, floor panels,  door panels, trunk lids, hood latches, radiators, car door hinges, unibodies, car bumpers, suspensions, cradles, front ends, rear ends, motor mounts, hitches, snow plows, trailers, trailer hitches, trailer frames, motorcycle frames and more.  Welding can strengthen your vehicles integrity and allow you to prolong the vehicles useful life.  We do welding, mig welding and fabrication when asked and when necessary. We do pipe bending too. Welding solutions are good solutions when the job is done professionally.


We can weld aluminum rims and steel rims and fix seals and leaks. That can save a ton of money. Does your car vibrate when you accelerate? That could be a loose motor mount and a good weld can solve the problem.  Do you have a leaking floor panel?—welding will help.  Do you feel something loose? Here something clunking when you hit a bump?  We have the answers. We do a free front end inspection at Expressway Mechanic on Duty and can identify problems that a good weld can fix.

Below are examples of some other jobs that we’ve done.


  • This is a new floor panel professionally welded into place
  • This is a support for a snow plow
  • This is a trailer hitch that had to be welded to the car frame.
  • We weld trailers too.
  • These are fabricated exhaust pipes.
  • This is a welded car door hinge
  • A welded on makeshift steel bumper.
  • Welding at the shop