Toledo mechanic that does welding on anything that can be welded. Need a car door hinge welded? How about a leaking floor panel? How about anything that is aluminum or steel? We weld anything–tables, garden furniture, motorcycles, bicycles, go carts, scooters and wagons. You just have to bring it down to 4002 Lagrange at the corner of Sylvania and we’ll fix it–whatever “IT” is. Here’s a coupon for $25.00 off your first hour of welding. Take a look at our welding page.

Used Car Inspection

Thinking of buying a used car. For $25.00 we will inspect the car to make sure that it is safe and reliable. $25.00 inspection includes lights, brakes, tires, front end, exhaust and general condition.

Wheel Alignment

Is your car drifting for no apparent reason? Use the coupon below to get a front end wheel alignment for $49.95 which $20.00 off our regular price of $69.95.


Toledo Mechanic who welds car frames and exhaust pipes back to life. Is your exhaust loose? Do you have have a door hinge that’s out of sync? Maybe a floor panel leak. Bring your car down to Expressway Mechanic on Duty and we’ll check it out. If welding can help then we can save you some money. Here’s a coupon to get you started.

Free Front End Inspection

Free Front End Inspection. We’re doing a lot of front end inspections after pot hole season. Stop in to Expressway Mechanic on Duty for your Free Front End Inspection. http://expresswaymechaniconduty.com/suspension-problems/