Toledo Brake Special

Brake Special $119.95 an axle-almost all vehicles. At Expressway Mechanic on Duty brake repair is our business. We pride ourselves in being able to fix the brakes on any car in one day or less. Usually, while the customer waits. Our mechanics have years of experience fixing all kinds of brake systems. Besides replacing brake shoes and pads we turn our own drums and rotors and diagnose everything from ABS lights to brake fluid leaks. We also repair warped rotors, master cylinders and emergency brake problems.  You can be assured that we will diagnose the problem and fix it properly the first time. All brake jobs include a test drive and a safety inspection.

  • Please don't let this happen to you.
  • Brakes are very important.
  • This is a typical brake system.
  • These are the calipers surrounding the rotor on disc brakes.
  • We turn our own rotors and drums.
  • We don't do anything without your express approval.